Business formations

Having a business formation is the foundation of every company.  A properly formed business entity is crucial as it can shield the owners from personal liability, as well as provide a framework for the owners to operate and hopefully minimize internal disputes. 

There are various possible business formations, such as limited liability companies (LLCs), C and S corporations, professional corporations, series LLCs, non-profit corporations, B corporations, etc.  Let Kramer Law Firm, P.C. work with you to determine which entity will work best for your needs.


It is important to trademark your company’s name/logo so consumers can identity your goods/services in the marketplace. Having a trademark allows consumers to associate your goodwill with products/services containing your trademark. There are State and federal trademarks, and it is important to understand the differences and which one you should pursue for the protection you need.

Kramer Law Firm, P.C. can assess your trademark needs and perform all appropriate filings for you trademark application, both State and federal.  


If you have an invention or just an idea for an invention, you should consider a patent. First things first, if your invention meets the criteria for a patent, a novelty search should be done to ensure that it has not already been patented. If we find out that it has not been patented, then filing a patent should be done before you begin offering your invention to the public.

Kameron W. Kramer is a registered patent attorney and can assist you when you have an invention.

general counsel services

Having a full-time attorney on staff is a luxury that most small to medium sized business cannot afford.  Fortunately, there is s solution.  We offer general counsel services to new and existing businesses.  These services include most things that arise in the general operation of a company, such as contract review and drafting, demand letters, employment issues, and governing documents review and amendments, just to name a few of the services we offer. 

With Kramer Law Firm, P.C. on retainer, it's like having an attorney on staff, at a fraction of the cost.


Simply put, you can copyright the expression of ideas (i.e., photographs, books, paintings, etc). Kramer Law Firm, P.C. can counsel you on what needs to be federally copyrighted and how to maximize the use of federal copyrights to your benefit.

Trade secrets

Unlike federal copyrights, patents, and federal/State trademarks, trade secrets are not disclosed to the government. Instead, by implementing and maintaining certain protocols to keep your intellectual property secret, you are granted trade secret protection. Kramer Law Firm, P.C. can work with you to determine if there are any trade secrets that can be utilized in your business, and if so, implement the proper procedures to ensure they remain secret.

litigation support

Litigation should usually be seen as a last resort, but sometimes the need for a lawsuit arises.  If that need arises, Kramer Law Firm, P.C. has affiliations with other law firms for co-counsel arrangements and can provide all necessary support.

contract services

Kramer Law Firm, P.C. provides contract services for law firms without the added expense of an associate.  These services typically include contract review or drafting, consulting on intellectual property matters, drafting of pleadings, research, and trial/arbitration preparation work.

intellectual property AGREEMENTS

Intellectual property, or IP, is property that essentially comes from the mind.  It is a catch-all phrase that encompasses patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. There are many types of IP agreements that businesses may encounter, both before and after IP is created.  A few of the more common agreements that companies may encounter are:

- licensing;
- assignments; 
- work-for-hire;
- employment;
- development; and
- confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.

Kramer Law Firm, P.C. is experienced in negotiating and drafting all types of IP agreements.  Whether you have employees who are designing IP for you, are looking at licensing a patent, or are wanting to disclosure your idea to a third-party before a patent is filed, contact Kramer Law to make sure everything is done correctly to ensure your rights are protected.